● 1200cc engine with some mods ensures there is no power shortage.

● 30T front pulley lowers RPM, making cruising on the interstate a pleasure.

● Supplemental fuel tank increases range over 170 miles. Installing/removing the frame with tank and trunk takes a few minutes.

● Trunk and saddlebags offer plenty of luggage space.

● Air shocks for comfort and protecting the back on bumpy roads.

● Gauntlet fairing breaks the wind and reduces fatigue on long trips.

● Thermostat controlled oil cooler keeps oil temperature in safe range. This bike can go 90+ MPH all day long without any danger of overheating.

● Highway pegs (not shown on current picture) and backrest allow for relaxed position.

● Action camera to record exotic sights.

● GPS to make sure we know where we are going.

Questions about bike? You want to ride with me? You can email me "jaglover at gmail dot com".

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