Do you have a sucker mortgage?

In the casino, they have sucker bets. Normally the table game odds are close to 50/50, but they add side bets that turn the odds in favor of casino, casino people call these side bets "sucker bets".

They have same thing in banking, there is mortgage and there is sucker mortgage. For instance, say, you buy a home worth $300k, you put down 20%. Now you have to choose a mortgage. Choices are: You pay $412,486.82 total (30 year) or you pay $298,331.27 total (15 year), these figures are without mandatory insurance, with current low mortgage rates (December 2016). With homeowners insurance it will be approximately $443k and $313k. The difference is $130k. Yet, most people go for sucker mortgage and pay these extra $130k.

I've asked people why they do it. Ten out of ten told me they went for 30 year mortgage because they couldn't afford 15 year ... So, in other words, they bought the sucker mortgage because they are suckers!

And dear friend, don't even try to tell me you are not a sucker if you pay $130k (43% of value of your purchase) more because you bought something you cannot afford.

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