About Myself


Saul A. Peebsen

1991. My first computer. An IBM 80286, 6 MHz, 1 MB of RAM. 20 MB hard drive. Running MS-DOS 3.0.

1997. IT manager, in charge of a quickly growing corporate network. Windows NT-3.5, Windows 95.

1997. First Linux experience, Red Hat 5.0.

1998. After our Windows mail server was compromised again I upgraded it to Debian GNU/Linux. It never got hacked again.

2003. I got so tired of virus-infected Windows computers I promised myself I will never install Windows again.

2004. I discovered Gentoo Linux. I have to say, Gentoo is a real gift to a computer enthusiast. Building an operating system from scratch is a great learning experience. Being in full control of an OS is also a great satisfaction.

2004. It was also the year of last Windows computer under my care. It had BSoD and was upgraded to Linux.

Ever since I have used Linux only for desktop computers. In some cases I also use FreeBSD for server systems.

I love fixing things. I work on my car, on my motorcycle, I will take a soldering iron and repair the TV set if it stops working. I never call a handyman to do any work at my house. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry. I enjoy doing it all, plumbing maybe not so much ...

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