Planning the ride

This is currently only a draft. It may change depending on actual conditions and new ideas. First I intended to go in 2019, but some unfavorable circumstances prevented it. Then in 2020 even more unfavorable circumstances (aka COVID-19) ruined it. It is 2021 now and I hope to get it done this year. :-)

I've decided to ride via Kansas City. The only reason for this is I'd like to use a different route to get there, otherwise it would be the same to Denver and back. This will add about 2-3 hours to my riding time, nothing wrong with that.
I think I will prefer local roads for day one instead of taking I-55 to Memphis and I will stop somewhere before Springfield (MO) for night.

Day two will see me keep going as long as I enjoy it, then motel when I start feeling fatigue. I expect to ride at least 650 miles.

Day three should take me to the proximity of Yellowstone National Park, within an hour of ride.

Day four will be sightseeing and then start riding south on Hwy 191 towards Estes Park. I believe this is a beautiful route with breathtaking sights. Remains to be seen.

Well, this is how far I have got with my planning right now. I expect the whole trip to take up to eight days, seven nights.

Day Two

Day Three

Beyond Day Three

Home sweet home

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