Your desktop or laptop running Microsoft Windows™ crashed? You can't access your files any more?

We can help! We can salvage your files as long as the hard drive is still functional.

Your computer keeps crashing and restarting by itself?

We can help! Hardware failures can be diagnosed and repaired.

Software can be reloaded and upgraded. We do not install Microsoft Windows™.
We offer an upgrade to GNU/Linux instead. It is free, and there is only a small fee for installing. We will install Linux Mint Mate Edition by default, but if you know you want something else we will install it for you. Even Gentoo base system install is available.

What is Linux?

It is an Operating System. As Microsoft Windows™ or Apple MacOS™ (formerly OS-X™).
Nowadays Linux is very widespread, it is literally everywhere. It can be in your wrist watch and it is powering 90% of world supercomputers. Have an Android device? It runs Linux. Have a SmartTV? It runs Linux. Not to mention internet servers and routers, Linux, Linux, Linux. And so on.

Why Linux?

Safety, security, privacy, reliability, low maintenance. And it is free.
No viruses, no identity theft, and your computer belongs to you. It will not "phone home" and report your activities.
Your computer will not slow down over time and it will not require constant maintenance.
FBI, CIA and other government agencies are using Linux for a reason.

Ready to upgrade your Windows computer to Linux?

Stop by and we will answer your questions. Click for location. Or email us.


Q: Can I use my favorite applications in Linux?
A: Some applications have Linux versions. In case there is no direct replacement alternatives are available. There is currently over 54,000 software packages for Linux Mint, the number is growing. All this software is free to use for you!

Q: I know how to work in Windows, I do not have time to learn a new OS.
A: 10-15 years ago Linux was mostly for geeks only, nowadays it is ready for everyone to use. There is no steep learning curve.

Q: I paid money for Windows. Can I have it back?
A: Check out eBay rules, they allow selling Windows licenses, a certain condition must be met.


What is Linux?
Want to know more about Linux? Here is the starting point, although none of it is required to use Linux.
Places you might not expect to run Linux.
Microsoft Windows privacy, or the lack thereof.

Technical articles

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